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All the VC fund of funds you need to know in Europe


Pacenotes is featured with our hybrid VC fund in Sifted's "all the VC FOF you need to know in Europe".

Backing individual VC funds isn’t the only way investors can get access to VC. They can also invest in VC fund of funds — vehicles that invest in multiple VC funds — and there’s a growing number of them in Europe. These funds can help get LPs — limited partners, the investors in VC funds — access to competitive top-tier funds, and better returns through diversity. But they’re also seen as important actors in the ecosystem’s maturation. 

The European Commission — when it announced its €2.1bn fund of funds strategy several years ago — argued that a lack of VC funding is holding European tech back; it cited the fact that US VC firms were three times larger than European ones on average.

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